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... Thanks for your help A: I guess you don't want to find certain URLs on a website but the file you are searching for. You could use the following code: from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import urllib.request website = '' resp = urllib.request.urlopen(website) contents = soup = BeautifulSoup(contents, 'html.parser') links = [] for a in soup.findAll('a', {'class':'dokument'}): href = a['href'] links.append(href) for link in links: print(' ') print('') print('') print('') print(link) Agastache mexicana Agastache mexicana is a species of flowering plant in the mint family known by the common name Mexican giant hyssop. It is native to Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas in the United States and to Baja California in Mexico. Agastache mexicana is a perennial herb growing up to tall, with stiff stems and prickly leaves, each of which has many toothed lobes and leaves up to long. The inflorescence is a single umbel borne on a peduncle, which can have up to 25 flowers. Each flower is white with


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fcbz hdw5 mke matic d3o, dark sky hamachai ipad xiaomi 第101回Nihongo・コミケの日本発. モバイル漢字入りのおトクホルダーキャンペーンについて. dgnf x2407.. by vcds 1063 pl crack chomikuj ルシオ アウトレット.. 185,873 ポイント貯蔵..It's not a great look for the GOP in the wake of a presidential election year, especially considering that Mitt Romney won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote. It's even less fun for the Republicans in Congress, who are being plagued by poor approval ratings. The bad poll news comes right after a bad week for Republican House members, who are desperately trying to distance themselves from the unpopular Ohio congressman who runs the GOP Conference. As we reported earlier today, Minority Leader John Boehner took his four House Republicans on a trip to Israel with Mitt Romney as their chaperone. One of the four, Congressman Steven LaTourette, has been showing up to vote in Congress for all of the other Republicans in the group, even though he says he doesn't even vote for most of them. Boehner's aides tell us they're fine with LaTourette voting as a Republican, but they are not happy with the media and the Democratic press for making a big deal out of the fact that he votes for the other House Republicans. We're told that Boehner himself doesn't know he's in the minority, because the GOP leaders haven't shown him the whip's position sheet. Boehner's staff are still trying to get their facts straight about what exactly constitutes a vote for the other Republicans, which apparently means they're just waiting for the new fiscal cliff legislation to be written before they can figure out whether LaTourette voted for them or not. And if it were up to us, we would tell them that as long as LaTourette voted for the other Republican, it's a vote for them. To find out more about LaTourette's voting habits, we asked him about it. He told us that he always votes for the other Republicans, but that he doesn't vote for any of them. LaTourette said that he's not sure why he's

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